Jobseeker Benefit-Jobseeker Allowance Recipients

Some people with disabilities may be in receipt of Jobseeker Benefit or Jobseeker Allowance prior to commencing training. Existing arrangements for these recipients attending a Training Centre course will apply. The course participants will receive from the Training Centre a training allowance equivalent to their social welfare payment.

Course participants who wish to obtain a training allowance equivalent to Jobseeker Benefit/Jobseeker Allowance should fill out Form F103 and have it completed by the DSP. The Training Centre will pay the equivalent of Jobseeker Benefit/Jobseeker Allowance as a training allowance.

Any other benefits held by the participant as a recipient of Jobseeker Benefit/Jobseeker Allowance will be retained. If necessary, The Training Centre will apply more flexible sick leave arrangements to these course participants if they have a verifiable disability.

For further information about Jobseeker Benefit or Allowance, contact your local Social Welfare Office.

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