Results Appeal Process

Only results that have been approved through the Training Centre Results Approval Process can be appealed.

How do I appeal a result?

You can appeal a result you are not happy with by completing the Assessment Appeals Application Form, stating why you wish to make the appeal. Send the completed form to the Training Centre Manager who looks after assessments within 10 working days from the date your approved exam results were issued.

Please Note: You will only be notified when there is a change to your result following the Results Approval Process.
We will tell you the result of the appeal within 30 days of you being told that we were working on your appeal.
Further information is available on the Assessment Appeals Application Form

What can I do if I am not happy with the result of the appeal?

If you do not accept the decision of the Training Centre Assessment Appeals Process, you can request that the appeal is forwarded to the relevant awarding body, for example QQI. You must do this within 10 working days of the date you were notified of the outcome of the appeals process. This is the final appeal process.

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