Quering a Result

What does querying a provisional result mean?

This means that you ask for a recheck or a review of your provisional test result. Provisional Results are results that are not final until they have been approved by the Results Approval Panel.

What’s a recheck?

A recheck means we check that your marks were correctly added up and recorded.

What’s a review?

A review is where we get a different assessor to check your result. This person will decide if the original mark you got is fair or not.

How do I query a result?

You have to write to your trainer or instructor asking them for a recheck or a review.

Remember that if you get your test result rechecked or reviewed, you might get:

  • a higher result;
  • a lower result; or
  • the same result.

Further Appeals

If you are still not happy with the result of your query you can appeal your result. You should tell your tutor or instructor if you wish to make an appeal. Only approved results can be appealed, and your result can be fast-tracked through the Results Approval Process to the stage where a provisional result becomes an approved result.


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