Learner Charter

We are committed to providing a quality learning experience that meets a learner’s agreed training needs. In agreement with the learner, we will try to cater for the learner’s individual training requirements and needs.

What can I expect as a learner with an LCETB Training Centre?

As a learner with an LCETB Training Centre you can expect:

1. Access to up-to-date and accurate information to help you make informed choices regarding training opportunities.

2. To be provided with information about:

– How to access programmes, eligibility criteria and training options

– Programme content and duration

– Learner supports, allowances, fees, grants

– Award titles, including their type and level on the National Framework of Qualifications

– Assessment systems including;

~ scheduling;
~ modification and accommodation for learners;
~ marking; and;
~ repeats and appeals process

– Your responsibilities relating to attendance, participation and conduct as set out in the LCETB Training Centre Code of Conduct for Learners.

– Complaints procedures

– Recognition of Prior Learning

3. Promotion of equal opportunities for everyone and recognise learner diversity.

4. Training programmes to be offered according to learners’ identified needs.

5. In the event of unavailability or cessation of a training option, an alternative option will be explored to meet your identified training needs.

6. Learning to take place in a safe and secure environment.

7. That materials and facilities used will be suitable for the learning programme.

8. LCETB to provide quality assured learning opportunities in accordance with the LCETB Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures.

9. Assessments on learning progress to be given to the learner in a timely manner.

10. Where appropriate, LCETB will discuss with the learner the relevant supports to assist learner progression.

11. LCETB to seek feedback on the overall learning experience.

12. That a printed copy of the Learner Charter will be available from the LCETB Training Centre and on http://www.limericktrainingcentre.ie/ . This Charter can also be provided in accessible formats on request.

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