Computer and Internet Usage

Policy on Learner Computer Resources and Internet Usage


LCETB Training Centre provides computer resources to assist in day-to-day administration tasks and to train and assist Learners. The Internet system is intended for use only in relation to training provided by LCETB.

Computer resources, including the Internet, should only be used according to this policy. Any learners who breach the policy will be subject to the LCETB Training Centre disciplinary procedure. Depending on how serious the offence is, we may take action up to and including dismissing the learner from training. Learners who break the rules of this policy may also have civil or criminal charges taken against them.

No Expectation of Privacy

The documents that are created, sent or received on the computer equipment in LCETB training locations are not the private property of any person who uses the computers. When you use the computer equipment, you lose any right to privacy and should not expect that items that you create, store, send or receive on LCETB systems are private. You should be aware that we monitor internet and mail usage and can generate reports from individual workstations.


You should make sure that your electronic communications do not infringe copyright laws. Downloading, uploading or forwarding material may in some circumstances infringe copyright. You should consult your tutor or instructor if you’re not sure about something.

Software and LCETB systems

You can only use software on LCETB systems if it has been approved by your tutor or instructor and is licensed for use by LCETB on its network. You should take particular care to avoid opening or installing executable files or other software which may have a negative effect on systems.

Inappropriate Use and Content

You should not access, store, download, upload, email or post material that is;

  • fraudulent
  • discriminatory
  • harassing
  • embarrassing
  • sexually explicit
  • profane
  • obscene
  • intimidating
  • defamatory of individuals, firms or companies, or
  • otherwise unlawful or inappropriate

We will strictly enforce this rule and if you breach it you may be dismissed from your training course.

Other uses of computer resources and the internet that are considered inappropriate include:

  • Recreational use or a large amount of personal use that is not related to your training
  • Use that wastes network resources or causes disruption to others
  • Connection of any device to the computer network without first obtaining authorisation

Virus Detection and Protection

Viruses can cause substantial damage to LCETB computer systems. You are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to ensure that you do not introduce a virus into the LCETB network. You may not download or install any files from the internet or use encryption software on any LCETB systems without first getting permission from your tutor or instructor. You may not use passwords or encryption keys unknown to your tutor or instructor. You may not load CD ROMS, DVD-ROMS or any software media other than that supplied by LCETB for the purpose of your training.

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action for violation of the LCETB Training Centre Computer Resources and Internet Policy may include, but is not limited to suspension or dismissal. The level of discipline a learner will face will depend on how serious we consider the offence to be.

Revision of this Policy and Conclusion

You should pay close attention to this policy or any changes that are made to it. We will tell you if there is any change to the policy.

If you have any queries or concerns about the use of computer resources or the internet, please contact your tutor or instructor.

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