Respect and Dignity

The following points are extracts from the LCETB Training Centre Respect and Dignity Policy

  • LCETB staff will treat all learners with respect and dignity and our learners are requested to treat LCETB staff and each other in a similar manner.
  • LCETB will not tolerate any form of verbal or physical abuse.
  • LCETB reserves the right to withdraw services from people who engage in abuse of our staff or other learners or clients.
  • Cases of extreme or persistent offending will be referred to the appropriate authority.

We are committed to a policy of equal opportunity and to ensuring that no learner receives less favourable treatment than any other learner.

Discriminatory Practices

It is LCETB practice that freedom from discrimination and harassment is a condition of training which every learner is entitled to.

If you offend in this manner you could be dismissed from your training programme and you may be referred to the appropriate authority.


Bullying is unacceptable and can lead to disciplinary action being taken. We try as much as possible to provide an environment that will give all learners the freedom to learn without being bullied, intimidated or harassed. Bullying includes:

  • aggressive behaviour towards another person;
  • repeated verbal harassment;
  • constant personal insults and name calling;
  • uncomplimentary remarks likely to cause serious offence;
  • constant ridiculing of a person;
  • intimidation and threats; and
  • posting of material perceived as offensive.

If you feel you are being bullied, you should speak with your tutor, instructor or any member of the LCETB Management team. Anything you tell them will be confidential and they will attempt to sort the issue.

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