Learner Responsibilities

You are responsible for your own learning and behaviour and are responsible for ensuring that your actions do not impede (negatively affect) other learners’ participation on the course.

What are my responsibilities as a learner?

As a learner you should:

  • be on time for all of your classes and exams;
  • ensure full attendance for the duration of your training and actively participate in training;
  • notify your tutor or instructor if you are unable to attend class;
  • complete and submit all learning activities, assignments and projects on time;
  • undertake the course exams and tests and obey the rules governing the conduct of exams and tests;
  • undertake and complete any coursework and study to be done outside of training hours;
  • identify and tell the course tutor or instructor about any supports that you need arising from a disability or related issue;
  • inform your tutor or instructor of any change to your contact details;
  • adhere to the Learner Code of Conduct;
  • behave in a safe manner and with consideration for the Health and Safety of yourself and others;
  • report any accidents or unsafe practices to your tutor or instructor;
  • respect fellow learners and staff at all times and behave in a manner that is appropriate and conducive to learning; and
  • be familiar with the rules governing learner participation on Training Centre courses.

As a learner you should not:

  • discriminate against other learners and staff;
  • access, send or store unlawful or inappropriate material on training equipment. (You can find information about this in the Computer Resources and Internet Policy);
  • use, consume or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at the training location; or
  • carry or use an offensive weapon.

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