Recruitment and Selection

Appropriate recruitment and selection procedures for staff/learners in the context of child protection have been adopted by Training Centre and include the following:

  1. Confirmation of the identity of the applicant including personal details obtained through use of an application form. (How do we do this)
  2. Requirement of a declaration of previous convictions and submission to formal checks for candidates who work will bring them into contact with children and vulnerable adults or who will have a management responsibility in relation to those whose work bring them into such contact.
  3. A clear guarantee that disclosed information will be treated in confidence and not used against applicants unfairly, including adherence to the Central Garda Vetting Unit Code of Practice.
  4. Documentary evidence of qualifications (where required).
  5. Use of several selection techniques to maximise the process of safe recruitment (e.g. interview, reference checks etc.).

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