Redundant Assistance

Assistance for Redundant Apprentices

If a SOLAS registered apprentice’s employment has been terminated due to insufficient work being available he/she should:

  • Inform his/her Senior Training Advisor immediately of his/her redundant status.
  • Register with the local Employment Services Office for assistance in securing new employment to enable him/her to continue their apprenticeship training.
  • Information regarding employment vacancies can also be accessed by telephoning Jobs Ireland at Freephone 1 800 611 116
  • Keep his /her Senior Training Advisor informed of all details relating to his/her apprenticeship employment with a SOLAS approved employer so that this time may be credited in calculating the finish date of his/her apprenticeship.

To assist redundant apprentices to complete their apprenticeship SOLAS has put the following interim measures in place:

  1. Apprentices who are made redundant may progress to the next off-the-job training phase of their apprenticeship, in line with current scheduling criteria.
  2. Redundant apprentices may also avail of existing skills training courses which enhance their employable skills. They may also avail of the range of night courses which are available in the Training Centre.
  3. Your Senior Training Advisor can give you information on supports available to Redundant Apprentices.

Those who successfully pass the Competency Determination Mechanism will be progressed for the award of the QQI Level 6 Advanced Certificate – Craft.
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